Zenshin do

Chouten Wa Ganku Kara

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Zenshin do training consists of many aspects and is designed to develop fitness, confidence, the ability to defend oneself, flexibility, stamina and a respect for oneself and others in order to achieve a balanced mind, body and spirit. Techniques used within Zenshin do are mainly Karate based, but also incorporate influences from Ju Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Silat and Chinese Boxing.

A lesson starts with a warm up which generally includes skipping, stretching and a cardio-vascular workout.

exercise 1 exercise 2

Although there are many elements to our training here are a few examples of what can be found during lessons:

Kihon (basic or foundation techniques) This practice is designed to break down all techniques to their basic form in order to learn the body mechanics needed to perform them to their maximum potential.


Ippon Kumite (pre-arranged attacks and defence) Training in this way enables the student to practice the techniques that they have learned against real attacks, this not only tests the ability to perform the techniques but also develops timing and distance. This type of training is designed to be progressional and starts with very basic application building into defences from multiple attacks and realistic situations and includes throwing and restraining techniques.

ippon kumite 1 ippon kumite 3 ippon kumite 2

Bag and Padwork

kihon kihon


sparring1 sparring2 sparring3



Throwing and Grappling



For the student looking to progress there is a structured grading system which is designed to hone their skills in stages in order to produce balanced advancement. The onus of the gradings is on tenacity as much as they are techniques and requires the student to achieve a minimum standard of fitness before they can be taken.

Grading structure


Minimum duration
between grades

8th Kyu White (on entry)
7th Kyu Purple 4 months
6th Kyu Yellow 4 months
5th Kyu Orange 4 months
4th Kyu Green 4 months
3rd Kyu Blue 6 months
2nd Kyu Brown 12 months
1st Kyu Black/Red stripe through centre 12 months
1st Dan Black 12 months
2nd Dan Black 2 red tabs 24 months
3rd Dan Black 3 red tabs 36 months
4th Dan Black 4 red tabs 48 months

Although the minimum time between gradings is listed above, approval to take them has to be obtained by an instructor and an up to date licence must be held.